Wildbad Bahnhof-

surely no name for a band.
The name is no more an expression of a lack
of imagination but represents the roots of the musical
"works" of former young people from the
"Kurstadt" Bad Wildbad.


The first musical tones from the band were heard in a farm house in Autumn 1980.
From there on, they convivially rehearsed more or less enthusiastically, however,
the collection for a crate of beer was often more important.
Over the following years, the band played in various youth clubs in the immediate area for
the public. The appearances of the band were always unusual and spontaneous.
"WOODSTÖCKLE" which is well known in Calw, was founded when the band spontaneously
played in front of the headlights of 2 cars.

Their first single "JUNESON'S GARAGE" was released in March 90 on Maxi single on vinyl.
For the first time, they played nationwide in Hessen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Bayern.

In November 91, the band was back in the studio for the second time and released the
E.P. "WILDBAD BAHNHOF" also on vinyl.
During a Christmas pogo, the latest CD "ARBEIT IM SCHLACHTHOF" was presented to the pubic
in 1991 in the youth club in Calw.

The "fond of drink" and badly paid pub band introduced surrealistic joke lyrics in catchy party punk
and social critical texts in three-accord songs in this CD.